Q.    What does a scopist do?
A.    A scopist reads a reporter's document word-for-word. S/he corrects untranslated or mistranslated steno, adds punctuation where needed, edits spelling as necessary, and fixes formatting per the reporter's specifications. A scopist will research names of people, places, products, etc. when needed to be sure the record is correct. Our goal is to return a transcript that is as near to a final transcript as possible, but the reporter should always do a final proofread her/himself.

Q.    Is there really a benefit to hiring a scopist?
A.    Absolutely! Consider the following scenario: Two reporters take jobs of 200 pages each at a rate of $4.00 per page. Compare their total earnings after two days of work.

 Day 1: Reporter with Scopist Day 1: Reporter Working Alone
 Earns 200 x $4 = $800 Earns 200 x $4 = $800
 Pays Scopist 200 x $1.10 = $220 No Scopist Cost
 Day 1 Net Earnings $800 - $220 = $580 Day 1 Net Earnings $800
 Day 2 Day 2
 Earns 200 x $4 = $800 Reporter does not take new work in
 Pays Scopist 200 x $1.10 = $220 order to scope job from Day 1
 Day 2 Net Earnings $800 - $220 = $580 
 Total for Days 1 and 2: $1160 Total for Days 1 and 2: $800

There you have it! The reporter using a scopist actually made more than the reporter scoping her own work because the first reporter was able to take on more work. Don't forget the cost of a scopist is also 100% tax deductible. 

Q.    How do you and I get started?
A.    You may do one of two things to get started: 
  • View the calendar page to check on my availability then complete and submit the preference sheet. I will be notified of a new submission on the form and will follow up with you right away.
  • Or you may reach me by one of the methods on the contact page first if you'd prefer. 

Q.    Do you read steno? Will you send updates for my dictionary?
A.    Yes and yes! 

Q.    What reference do you use for punctuation guidance?
A.    Morson's English Guide for Court Reporters by Lillian Morson

Q.    How long do you retain jobs you've completed?
A.    I keep all finished work for one year from the date the completed job is returned to the reporter. If at any time during those 12 months you need a file re-sent, I am more than happy to accommodate your request. 


Q.    What do you consider "spot checking" when using audio?
A.    This can be a point of confusion between a reporter and a scopist. When I am spot checking audio, I only listen to the recording when the reporter has flagged a specific area or when an area just doesn't "sound" right as I am reading it. 
Note: Some scopists will do a full audio scope even when only asked to complete an audio spot check. I am not that scopist. I will complete the job exactly as asked, but rest assured that if you request spot check and it becomes apparent a full audio is needed, I will contact you before proceeding. My goal is provide you with a transcript as close to final as possible. 

Q.    I have more questions. How do I contact you?
A.    Please refer to our contact page